Install with Pip

You can install nameko and its dependencies from PyPI with pip:

pip install nameko

Source Code

Nameko is actively developed on GitHub. Get the code by cloning the public repository:

git clone

You can install from the source code using setuptools:

python install


Several of Nameko’s built-in features rely on RabbitMQ. Installing RabbitMQ is straightforward on most platforms and they have excellent documentation.

With homebrew on a mac you can install with:

brew install rabbitmq

On debian-based operating systems:

apt-get install rabbitmq-server

For other platforms, consult the RabbitMQ installation guidelines.

The RabbitMQ broker will be ready to go as soon as it’s installed – it doesn’t need any configuration. The examples in this documentation assume you have a broker running on the default ports on localhost and the rabbitmq_management plugin is enabled.