There are a number of nameko extensions and supplementary libraries that are not part of the core project but that you may find useful when developing your own nameko services:


  • nameko-sqlalchemy

    A DependencyProvider for writing to databases with SQLAlchemy. Requires a pure-python or otherwise eventlet-compatible database driver.

    Consider combining it with SQLAlchemy-filters to add filtering, sorting and pagination of query objects when exposing them over a REST API.

  • nameko-sentry

    Captures entrypoint exceptions and sends tracebacks to a Sentry server.

  • nameko-amqp-retry

    Nameko extension allowing AMQP entrypoints to retry later.

  • nameko-bayeux-client

    Nameko extension with a Cometd client implementing Bayeux protocol

  • nameko-slack

    Nameko extension for interaction with Slack APIs. Uses Slack Developer Kit for Python.

  • nameko-eventlog-dispatcher

    Nameko dependency provider that dispatches log data using Events (Pub-Sub).

  • nameko-redis-py

    Redis dependency and utils for Nameko.

  • nameko-redis

    Redis dependency for nameko services

  • nameko-statsd

    A StatsD dependency for nameko, enabling services to send stats.

  • nameko-twilio

    Twilio dependency for nameko, so you can send SMS, make calls, and answer calls in your service.

  • nameko-sendgrid

    SendGrid dependency for nameko, for sending transactional and marketing emails.

  • nameko-cachetools

    Tools to cache RPC interactions between your nameko services.

Supplementary Libraries

  • django-nameko

    Django wrapper for Nameko microservice framework.

  • flask_nameko

    A wrapper for using nameko services with Flask.

  • nameko-proxy

    Standalone async proxy to communicate with Nameko microservices.

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